The Cargo Cult – Slapper Bundle

TheCargoCult SlapperBundle -

Expressive latency.
Slapper is a surround sound delay with a stunningly intuitive interface, fantastic console integration, and some quirky sound design potential.
You can do anything from an attic to a canyon … from a simple voice slap to insanely complex syncopated grooves – and you can do it quickly, accurately and with a smile on your face.
Slapper’s interface is so intuitive, so ergonomically set up, that it’s a real pleasure to use. Whatever you do with it, it will always look exactly the way it sounds.
Unusual Spaces – We don’t really care about precise geometry or simulated acoustic environments. We made Slapper “effective”, not “real”. We want your audience to really feel like they are in a backyard, attic, or valley, and we don’t mind lying and deceiving to make that happen. We want to sell the idea of ​​a place to your audience, not your physics teacher.
Instant Dive – This is almost a hoax. Even the quietest, lamest, monaural sound can instantly turn into a startling and immersive experience. With 8 separate delays, you can park each speaker in place and really define the geometry of the space without drowning out the audience with reverb.
Tearing Templates – Forever – Once you try Slapper, your brain will change forever. You will have a new understanding of the relationship between space and time.

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