Tokyo Dawn Records – TDR SlickEQ Mastering 2.0.5 (WIN/OSX)

TokyoDawnRecords TDRSlickEQMastering -

TDR SlickEQ M (Mastering Edition) expands the proven SlickEQ concept into a full stereo equalizer. Specially designed for audio mastering engineers, no compromises have been made in the plug-in, and it offers exceptional musical flexibility and sound fidelity.
Behind the intuitive user interface lies a dizzying array of possibilities: a range of music high-pass and low-pass filters, including a stereo low-pass centering section, and granular control over signal bandwidth. Six powerful parametric filters provide precise access to tone, timbre, and stereo fields, while a comprehensive meta filter provides direct and intuitive access to the luminance, density, or equal loudness curve of an audio signal.
All filters except HP and LP operate in a parallel EQ configuration. An efficient auto gain mechanism automatically compensates for changes in perceived loudness during EQ operation, and intelligent signal analysis options allow you to match the spectrum of the input signal to a reference; automatically find static resonances; or automatically adjust the HP and LP filters to match the audible signal bandwidth.
As with the SlickEQ Standard and SlickEQ – Gentleman’s Edition, processing circuitry (eg, “internal oversampling”) combined with sophisticated signal processing techniques ensures its highest non-destructive completeness throughout processing.

Intuitive user interface with a focus on musical flexibility
State of the art audio processing algorithms in a parallel EQ structure
Six full parametric EQ bands offer spectral control over stereo width and balance
Advanced low frequency and high frequency exciters
Powerful HP and LP filters. Each with four distinctly musical slopes
Dedicated Low frequency mono filter
A Meta Filter with direct control over brightness, hardness or equal loudness contours
Smart Operations panel assist the operator at matching the input spectrum against external references, finding and removing static resonances and more
Highly effective loudness compensated auto gain control
Expandable EQ display including a realtime spectrum analyzer
A comprehensive documentation, toolbar with undo / redo, A / B, advanced preset management and much more
New in version
2.0.5 Maintenance update
# AAX compatiblity fix
# Fixed update lookup
2.0.4 Maintenance update
# Added support for native Mac Silicon
2.0.3 Maintenance update
# Inline help layout updated
# Fixed dropdown menus occasionally not opening on click
# Fixed small graphical details
2.0.2 Maintenance update
# VST3 format compatibility fixes
# Logic 10.5 compatibility fixes
# Added “Fixed Latency” mode
# Added “Show Reference Curve” command to Smart Operations
# Reduced the CPU usage of “Mixed phase” mode
# AAX latency compensation fixes

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