Toontrack – In The Pocket EZX - In The Pocket EZX

In the Pocket EZX is a library designed to work with virtual drums Superior Drummer 3 / EZdrummer 2, which was recorded at The Windmill Studios with the participation of sound engineer and drummer Ash Soan.
In addition to the included MIDI library and rich pre-installed content, this EZX includes five main set options designed to cater to the widest range of contemporary beat-driven music across all genres. If you want to write beats for hip-hop, funk, modern R&B or modern reggae, you have a set or preset.
Welcome to the perfect foundation for limitless modern music production – and a great opportunity to lock yourself in the pocket of one of today’s most sought-after drummers. This hand contains an update of the library to version 1.0.1

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