Toontrack – Legacy Of Rock SDX v1.0.1 Update

Meet audio visionary Eddie Kramer, the uncrowned king who shaped the sound of legends who became immortal rock icons and who in the process became the king of rock himself. This is his drum collection, a true homage to classic rock as we know it.

The Legacy of Rock SDX reflects Eddie’s formative years in the bustling London scene of the sixties and seventies. The new library includes five drum kits, each created and adapted to reflect an important sound era in Kramer’s illustrious career. All drums were recorded at Studio 1 AIR in London, and recorded using vintage microphone signal chains, as well as specially selected, rare and custom equipment, created specifically for these sessions.

These rock drums were created by a man who, in the first two decades of his career, managed to work with The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, record the entire Jimi Hendrix catalog and capture some of Led Zeppelin’s most groundbreaking albums. Welcome to a real treasure chest ready for you to hone, sculpt and shape the sound to make your mark on rock history.
MIDI update for this library here: Toontrack – Drums MIDI Pack

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