Ugritone – TRVE Cab Loader + Cabinets

A virtual pulse loader designed for Heavy Rock and Metal guitarists of any caliber. Simplified workflow – endless possibilities.
With TRVE Cab Loader you can load up to 8 IR files at the same time and customize the sound as you wish. Having multiple IRs ensures that the tone doesn’t sound sterile or dry, and you don’t have to reach for the gain button to create more harmonics in your tone.
Instead of an adjustable mic position, we took the front, back, and top cabinets. Creating a sound similar to what you hear when you plug in an amplifier in your room.
What about phase problems? Well, the beauty of simulation is that the laws of physics can be broken. What usually results in a terrible, unfocused tone will sound like a big, focused tone in TRVE. See how many mics you can add and let phase be your friend.

70’s UK Hard Rock IR Pack\
70’s USA Hard Rock IR Pack\
Old School Black Metal IR Pack\
Texas Metal IR Pack\
USA Death Metal IR Pack\
USA Thrash Metal IR Pack\
Freebie IR Pack
74 Mimick\
Plague Bearer\

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