uJAM – Finisher Bundle v1.2.0

Audio effects for modern sound design :
Finisher is perfect a new type of VST effects plugin from uJAM.
It’s designed to combine the power of an entire effects rack with the ease of use and instant impact of a single plug-in.
Finisher is your musical companion that will constantly inspire you and protect you from recording or mixing a tasteless and boring track.

Plugins included
Finisher BOOST v1.2.1 : If your transitions are lifeless (or non-existent), accessing the “Risers” folder and overlaying a few samples is a surefire way to sound formulaic… But with BOOST, you can turn any audio track or bus into a new transition, which will fit perfectly into the mix.
Finisher DYNAMO v1.2.0 : Animate, morph and overdrive your sounds in many new and exciting ways.
Finisher FLUXX v1.2.0 : Magically transforms basic patches and sequences into something truly mind-blowing, filling them with life, energy and excitement.
Finisher MICRO v1.2.0 : Inspiring effect chains through a simple single knob interface. (Free)
Finisher NEO v1.2.0: This is the perfect tool to explore new sonic boundaries with shimmery reverbs, breathtaking modulation, harsh distortion and more.
Finisher RETRO v1.2.0 : Classic delays, tube sounds, tape hiss, reverbs and more from the 1960s – 1990s.
Finisher VOODOO v1.2.0 : Specially designed to transform boring guitar tracks into expressive soundscapes.

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