Unison – Drum & Bass MIDI Drum Collection

Drum & Bass patterns are powerful, complex and one of the fastest genres to create… This makes them a unique challenge.
The fast tempo creates intricate bass drum patterns, snare drums that can jump between beats, and hi-hats that are dynamic, unique and propel the entire track forward.
These Drum & Bass patterns let you create the tracks you’ve always dreamed of.
We’ve included all the best tried and tested hit drum patterns for you in the Unison Drum & Bass MIDI Drum Collection.
With the Unison Drum & Bass MIDI Drum Collection you will be able to:

  • Create professional-quality music with 50 unique MIDI drum kits (over 250 patterns in total).
  • Make your music connect with people on a deep primal level and make them dance.
  • Control your workflow with professional plug-and-play drum patterns.
  • Keep putting out radio-worthy music to get the performances and recognition you deserve.
  • Create exciting tracks that will make people listen to them on repeat
  • Make your music instantly stand out from the rest with drum patterns
  • This is the easiest and most effective way to create high quality Drum & Bass drum patterns and improve your chances of creating a hit song.
    You’ll quickly select from over 250 drum patterns available…
    Drag and drop them into your projects and instantly create professional-sounding drum grooves.
Over 250 genre-specific MIDI Drum patterns, spread over all essential drum elements for the genre.

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