XILS-Lab – Kaox v1.0.2 VSTi, AAX x64

Enhanced by analog oscillators and filters and exalted by chaotic algorithms
The Versatility and Excellence of FM Synthesis. With 8 operators, 2 outputs, 2 banks with independent pitch, and advanced FM algorithms, XILS-lab has taken FM synthesis to the next level.
The result is a clear, bright and deep sound with a vibrancy that no other analogue or chaotic oscillator product available can replicate.

The power and warmth of analog synthesis: 2 continuous waveform oscillators and 2 zero-latency filters:
Drawing on the vast experience of XILS-lab, KaoX has a deep, warm and lively sound. Two chaotic oscillators and two chaotic modulators allow you to create sounds you never dreamed of with little effort.

Organic life of chaotic algorithms:
2 chaotic oscillators and 2 chaotic modulators.

Create sounds you didn’t even know existed!
A user-friendly graphical user interface makes it easy to create and customize presets.

With advanced KaoX options, clear contextual help, and a clean global view, all key options are within easy reach. Illuminated modules make it easy to keep track of all audio paths.

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