XTT by VINAI v1.0.0 for Mac

Italian brothers XTT VINAI, Alessandro and Andrea Vinai, are known for their amazing Big Room EDM sound. Teaming up as a music production duo over a decade ago, they are now signed to Spinnin’ Records and are dominating the Beatport charts. In their careers as DJs, they put on sold-out club nights and draw partygoers from all over the world. Now they are finally bringing their production talents and distinctive sound to the realm of software with this versatile compression plugin. Over a year in development, this innovative collaboration with WA Manufacturing brings a piece of VINAI to your own studio.


5-Band Compressor
The 5-band compressor runs your sound through the low, mid-low, mid, mid-high and ultra-high ranges with adjustable transitions. Each range has its own adjustable threshold and gain scale. These settings provide an unparalleled level of control over your compressed signal. Intuitively drag thresholds and frequency crossovers to shape your sound, all while watching the frequency analyzer display the results of your settings in real time.
5 band compressor
Surgical shaping
Each of the 5 bands has an additional surgical shaping section to control the features of that particular band. Solo, mute, adjust RMS, attack and release or tilt mid/side information.
Up and Down Compression
With independent controls, you can simultaneously adjust the compression ratio up and down – up to 200%. This allows you to make corrections to sound shaping, such as balancing vocal levels or suppressing drum transients, while boosting the level of the room’s ambiance. The use of these two types of compression also opens up creative possibilities, emphasizing the spectacular explosiveness of transients or creating a room tone out of thin air.
To quickly and easily increase the attack and release times of all 5 different ranges, use the time bar. This applies to time changes across the board, which is useful for previewing what might happen with faster attack and release settings for each range.
There is no need to use a third-party limiter, as the Brickwall limiter built into the XTT adds unique saturation to the signal without introducing unwanted distortion. Its transparent behavior can be customized with an adjustable gain setting to ensure that the outgoing sound is as clear and loud as possible without sacrificing sonic fidelity.
Linked input and output faders
Gain setting is a really important factor in efficient plugin processing. With that in mind, the input and output faders can be linked, so you can adjust the signal going into the XTT while maintaining control over the output volume. The meters allow you to accurately visualize the incoming and outgoing signal while you adjust your settings. Keep a close eye on the counters as you adjust the compression values to easily maintain the theoretical volume of the audio.
Bypass and Master Mix Bypass
control is smoothed to be as click and pop free as possible for seamless A/B testing. Choose how the compressed signal is mixed with your original raw sound using the central mix ratio control, allowing you to reduce the amount of compression for parallel effects.
Visual Feedback
The real-time frequency display shows exactly what happens to the signal as it passes through each compressor stage in real time. This allows precise monitoring for each of the 5 bands and at every stage of the signal chain.
With the many presets included, it’s easy to find the perfect starting point for your own compression adventures. With multiple use cases and expertly designed settings, all these presets can be used on all kinds of different audio for instant previews of a wide range of creative effects. They include everything from subtle shaping to fuller rich compression. And, of course, you can also save your own settings.

WA Production are real producers creating creative plug-ins to help you achieve studio-quality production quickly and easily. Enjoy!
Add. info : features
– Designed by VINAI
– Artist’s curated processing
– Multi-band up and down compression with surgical shaping
– Linked input and output faders for precise gain adjustment
– 5 adjustable frequency bands with threshold and gain
– Detailed shaping for each band: RMS, attack/release, mid/side
– Zoomable time dial
– Transparent brick wall limiter
– Real time frequency display
– Pop and press free bypass
– Responsive and CPU friendly
– Factory settings
– Complete PDF manual and instructional video

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