zplane – reTune 1.3.0

reTune gives you full access to the pitch content of your audio samples and lets you map each input pitch to any other pitch of the chromatic scale – all in real time.

This allows you to re-tune the sound to any target key (for example, from D major to C minor) or use it as a creative tool to change the pitch content in any way you like. If you are not sure about the key of the input audio, you can let reTune estimate the key for you.

In addition, reTune can act as a pitch correction tool that quantizes the pitch to the nearest semitone. Additional controls include pitch correction sensitivity, transient processing, and pitch contour smoothing.

Real-time processing
Automatic input key detection with zplane’s TONART V2
Fully customizable I/O pitch display
Presets for major/minor scales, church scales, gypsy scales and chromatic scales
Controls for pitch detection sensitivity, transition levels and pitch contour smoothing
Automatic pitch correction to nearest semitone

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