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BestService AlpineVolksmusik2

42 unique patches for Swiss folk music, Austrian trumpet music and German marching music.
Alpine Volksmusik 2 is an independent sequel to the popular Alpine Volksmusik Library, offering 42 unique patches for folk and brass music. The library contains all the instruments you need to play authentic Swiss folk music, Austrian trumpet music and German marching music.
All instruments have been meticulously recorded and offer different articulations that can be switched with keys for authentic sounds. The library interface provides an easy way to customize the sound of instruments.
In addition to the standard volume, pan and reverb controls, each instrument/patch has its own parameters.
Alpine Volksmusik 2 can be used in a variety of ways. Are you a singer or instrumental soloist and would like to arrange your works? Do you need semi-replays for your performances? Want to complement your live studio recordings with additional sounds? Do you need pre-production for a guest musician? With the Alpine Volksmusik 2, you can do all this and more with ease. With the excellent tools of this library, you can arrange famous and new songs in your composition software according to your needs and wishes in high quality.

Additional Information
Alpine Volksmusik 2 Heading Switzerland
The Swiss are represented by two Schwyzerörgelis, the Swiss version of the diatonic accordion.
Appenzell cymbals of five instruments, an ensemble of alphorns and a bowed double bass complete the typical Swiss instrumentation.
Instruments included:
Accordion | Alfora | Berner Orgeli | swiss clarinet
double bass swiss | Dulcimer Appenzeller | Nussbaumer Ergeli
Alpine Volksmusik 2 Header Austria
Austria offers a collection of instruments for Stubenmusik, probably the most original form of Alpine folk music. Instruments such as the zither, guitar, harp and plucked double bass form the basis. In addition, this group includes Styrian harmonicas (Steirische), accordion, ocarina and recorder. Schuhplattler create a rustic atmosphere with applause and clapping. If you miss the three-part chromatic dulcimer designed by Salzburg musician Toby Reiser, this instrument is part of the original “Alpine Volksmusik 1” library.
Instruments included :
Accordion Austria | Alpine Plattler | Double bass | Harp | Jewish harp | Ocarina
Recorder | Rhythm guitar | Stairish Peaks | Starishe Vintage
Steirishe Reed 8´ | Steirische Reed 8´8´ | Steirishe Reid 8´8´+ | Steirishe Reid 8´8´8´
Steirishe Reid 8´8´8´+ | Zither
Alpine Volksmusik 2 Headline Germany
German folk music is represented by the sounds of marching music. Wind and wind instruments such as
clarinet, trumpet, flugelhorn, tenorhorn, tuba are solo and ensemble. Drum and percussion instruments with various articulations are available.
Instruments included :
Bb tuba | Tubes Bb | Clarinet Ensemble | Clarinet | Clarinets | Cornet
Flugelhorn | Flugelhorns | Flute | Flutes | Bells | Piccolo Flute
Percussion | Tenorghorn | Tenorhorns | Trombone | Trumpet | Waldhorn
How to install
After adding the library, open libray and allow the license manager to open.
Copy the product code from the license manager and paste it into the R2R keygen, click “Create License”.
A window will open asking for the R2RYTELC file, go to the library folder and select Volksmusik_2.r2rytelc.
After selecting Volksmusik_2.r2rytelc Generate a response code in the keygen and paste it into the license manager ENGINE2 – Press ACTIVATE.

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