Boom Library – The Complete Boom Tools v2023.08

The Ultimate Sound Design Toolkit will improve your workflow in many ways. Boost your creativity, speed up routine tasks, automate repetitive tasks…

Package Included
❃ DeBird v2.0.1 – ( FX ): Automatically recognizes bird noises in your recordings and removes them with surgical precision.
❃ Enforcer v1.2.9 – ( FX ): A bass plugin that adds irresistible punch, powerful body, and tight low-frequency boost to your samples. A scalpel for punching with unsurpassed precision.
❃ Enrage v1.4.0 – ( FX ): A very exciting multi-module FX processing tool that opens up unlimited possibilities for customizing and processing sounds. Never before have sound design plugins been so complex and yet so simple.
❃ Grip v1.0.7 – ( VSTi ): Designing car sounds for movies? Done with the roar of the engine? Let’s get to the other part: the burning rubber. With this sound design plugin you can create all the necessary interactions between tires, wheels and chassis.
❃ LiftFX v1.0.10 – ( VSTi ): Lifts, builds, lifts, drops, rises, swings, falls – it’s never been easier to excite your audience with a rhythm drop.
❃ ReCenter v1.0.10 – ( FX ): Automatically restores off-center stereo recordings while maintaining the original stereo width. An invaluable time saver and a great tool for professional post-production.
❃ SoundWeaver v1.3.1 – ( SAL ): Helps you create new sounds from your existing sound library in less time and opens up a highly intelligent sound design workflow
❃ StereoLab v1.0.0 – ( FX ): A universal stereo-mono plugin that must be present in every FX chain in order to gain control over stereo visualization
❃ Turbine v1.1.6 – ( VSTi ): A revolutionary sound design plugin providing access to authentic virtual engines based on their real-life counterparts.
❃ Uberloud v1.2.0 – ( FX ): Just one control allows you to increase the perceived volume of the sound. UBERLOUD allows you to achieve maximum sound volume with minimal effort.

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