Serato – Sample v2.0.0

~ The Future of Sampling ~
Redefine sampling with one legendary plug-in. Create faster, sound better and fire your imagination with advanced barrel separation, revolutionary workflow and unsurpassed sound quality.

Discover limitless creative possibilities with Serato Stems. Separate, isolate and manage audio systems with incredible quality. Access a cappella vocals, drum breaks, melodies and bass lines with just one click. Chop, flip, stretch and warp stems to create a unique sound.

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  1. 1. Create a Midi Track in your DAW.
    2. Insert Serato Sample the way you do any VST Instrument.
    3. Open Serato Sample.
    4. Load a Song or Audio or Sample file you want to sample.
    5. Mute the sections of the Track you do not wish to use.
    6. Match the key of the Sample to the song.
    7. Go on and play / record the sample in the Midi track using your Midi Controller.

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