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Free Download Denise Audio Bass XXL Full Version for Windows.

Overview of Bass XXL

Bass XXL offers a more efficient way to produce the thick, consistent low frequencies that define modern mixes. Thanks to a patented algorithm that creates harmonics above the fundamental frequency, your bass will be enhanced even with headphones and small speakers.

Bass XXL uses a patented algorithm designed to enhance low frequencies. The plugin does this by generating additional harmonics that are actually higher than the bass frequency you want to boost.

Building on the cult success of our Bass XL V1, we wanted to raise the bar with the Bass XXL and create a tool for “be-all-end-all” bass improvements. Use the plugin to boost basslines, drums, toms, drum groups, or even entire mixes.

The Bass XXL harmonic algorithm is specifically designed to work at low frequencies. Unlike a sub-synthesizer, it generates its harmonics entirely from your dry track, resulting in a natural and organic bass boost that matches perfectly.

Features of Bass XXL

  • “Brainwasher” Bass Creation: A patented algorithm generates harmonics above your desired bass frequency, leveraging psychoacoustic perception to fill in the low-frequency gaps.
  • For Big Bass Lovers – Elevate basslines, drums, or even entire mixes with Bass XXL’s bass-improvement capabilities.
  • Tailored Harmonic Algorithm – Designed specifically for low frequencies, creating an organic bass boost that blends seamlessly with your original track.
  • Precision Control – Three modes—Frequency, Main Note, and MIDI—offer flexibility in focusing on specific elements or following track tonal movements.
  • Harmonic Intensity Adjustment – Fine-tune the intensity of harmonic generation with the Harmonics control, ensuring the right blend for your track.
  • Parallel Mixing with Gain Control – Add harmonics without altering your dry path, maintaining the original mix placement.
  • Insightful Visualization – Spectrogram displays Bass XXL harmonics and dry signal separately, offering a clear view of your low frequencies.
  • Customizable Effects – Control pre-delay, mono settings, slope, and octave range for tailored bass enhancement.
  • Specialized Effect Plugin – Not a synthesizer but an effect plugin creating harmonics in specific frequency regions for a natural bass boost.
  • CPU Efficient & Latency-Free – Light on CPU usage, no phasing issues, and zero latency problems—just pure, added magic to your bass sound.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Version: 1.0
  • Developer: Denise Audio
  • Bit:86/64bit
  • Format: VST/VST3/AAX
  • System requirements: Win 7+
  • Size: 6.5 MB

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