Roland – Cloud Zenology Expansions (SOUNDBANK)


New Libraries for Roland Zenology

Copy the library folders to C: \ Users \ User \ AppData \ Local \ Roland Cloud \ ZENOLOGY
In some cases, the installation path may be C: \ ProgramData \ Roland Cloud \ ZENOLOGY
For Mac: / Library / Application Support / Roland Cloud / ZENOLOGY
Several other optional extensions are included.
SDZ001-SDZ052 are already included in VR and TRAZOR versions! But you will find them here anyway.
—————– NEW —————-
SDZ053 Pop Life
SDZ054 Airwaves
SDZ055 Vintage Industrial
SDZ056 Dream Guitars
SDZ057 Future R&B
SDZ058 Cinematic Beds
SDZ059 Modern Afrobeat
SDZ060 EDM Essentials
SDZ061 Dub Grooves
SDZ062 Communication Bass
SDZ063 Kosmische Musik
SDZ064 Main Room House Essentials
SDZ065 French House
SDZ066 Festival Trance Essentials
SDZ067 Modern Industrial
SDZ068 Ethereal Realms
SDZ069 Trap ‘n B
SDZ070 Glam Synt
SDZ071 Chicago House
SDZ072 Gothic Choirs
SDZ073 Escape from Megalopolis
SDZ074 Dual Personality
SDZ075 Minimal Techno
SDZ076 Sweep Pads and Pulsations
SDZ077 Beats Kingdom
SDZ078 Classic R & B Essentials
SDZ079 Classic Trance
SDZ080 World Instruments 2
SDZ081 Deep House
SDZ082 Chiptune Essentials
SDZ083 Midnight Earthbeat
SDZ084 Lush Plucks and Pads
SDZ085 Dark Wave
SDZ086 Nu-Disco Essentials
SDZ087 Melancholica
SDZ088 The Drones
SDZ089 Neo Future Bass
SDZ090 Hyper Rhythms
SDZ091 G-House
SDZ092 Ambient Acoustic
SDZ093 Moody Electronica
SDZ094 Synth Chill
SDZ095 Retro G-Funk
SDZ096 Modular Loops
SDZ097 Underground New Wave
SDZ098 Additive Synths
SDZ099 Euro Synths
SDZ100 Holy Keys

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