ROLI – Equator2 v2.5.1 + Content

Free Download ROLI Equator2 With  Content Libraries Full Version for Windows. Equator2 gives you the power to shape sounds with an expansive rack of effects, filters, and dynamics processors.

Overview of Equator2

Powerful software synthesizer with MPE support. Equator 2 has six source slots, each of which can be assigned a traditional VCO, Wavetable, FM, granular oscillator, or sample. The plugin contains 42 multi-samples with 180 variations. The library includes vintage synthesizers in the style of the Roland System-100, as well as traditional acoustic instruments, including such exotics as the sitar and koto. 

Modulation parameters can be configured and adjusted during performance. In addition to MPE protocol support, sounds can be modulated using envelope, LFO, and macro settings. The effects section has also been significantly expanded. 

To get started quickly, ROLI provided 1,300 ready-made presets. These include 500 patches designed for playback from MPE devices and 800 presets for standard MIDI controllers.

Features of Equator2

  • 6 source slots: Traditional VCO, Wavetable, FM, granular oscillator, and sample – your canvas for sonic exploration.
  • 42 multi-samples, 180 variations: Vintage synthesizers, acoustic instruments, and exotic delights like the sitar and koto.
  • Dynamic modulation: Envelope, LFO, and macro settings for real-time adjustments during your musical journey.
  • MPE Protocol Support: Say hello to MIDI expressions resembling real acoustic instruments.
  • Expansive Effects Section: Elevate your sounds with a significantly expanded effects playground.
  • Ready-made Presets: 1,300 presets to kickstart your creativity, including 500 MPE-optimized patches.
  • Ongoing MPE Development: ROLI’s commitment to advancing the MIDI Polyphonic Expression standard for over a decade.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Version: 2.5.1
  • Developer: Luminary ROLI Ltd.
  • Format: SAL, VST3
  • Bit depth: 64bit
  • System requirements: Windows 10 (x64) or higher
  • Size: 6.58 GB

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