Spitfire Audio – HZ02 Hans Zimmer Percussion Los Angeles (KONTAKT)

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Hans Zimmer introduces rock aristocrat Jason Bonham playing his grandiose-sounding DW Vistalite installation in the legendary places of Los Angeles, as well as presenting some exclusive things. The most epic set, performed by the most epic drummer, in three epic places, produced by the godfather of the epic composer, producer and sound engineer Hans Zimmer (one of the most successful, influential and prolific composers of his generation). His writings have highlighted a generation of hugely successful films that have upended billions of dollars, countless awards, and critical acclaim. Hans defined not only the compositional style, but also the production approach and sound innovations that influenced the generation of composers.
Spitfire Audio is proud to have introduced a series of products released by the legend and its diamond team of engineers, musicians and technicians. Where Hans Zimmer’s style and approach to sound creativity are often copied or emulated, we are proud to present to the world as a whole HZ’s decisive pioneering approach to percussion production in cinema. This is not an emulation or synthesis of his approach, but the essence itself. The same studio, musicians, instruments, talented engineers with ten years of experience, innovation and sophistication that are controlled by Hans himself. The same excruciating attention to detail, perfection, but most importantly, the endless selection of customization options you expect from the greatest sound performers.
HZ02 – Los Angeles is Jason Bonham and his exclusive installation of DW Vistalite, recorded on the legendary “Newman” Stage in 20th Century Fox, The Sony Scoring Stage and “The Cathedral”. Recorded and mixed by several Grammy winning engineers; Alan Myerson, Steve Lipson and Jeff Foster. The library also has exclusive additional content created by Hans himself. It’s the ultimate addition to our multifaceted London percussion anthology. The collection (29,477 samples, 35.6 hours, 34.3 GB WAV format, 22.7 GB NCW compression format (stereo only) is recorded with round robins, dynamic layers, beater types and game styles, with a graphical interface and scripts developed in London by the best sample developers in the world.

Quick Overview
Kontakt Player compatible
Powerful drum kit played by Jason Bonham
3 different and legendary locations; Sony Scoring Stage
Newman Scoring Stage
Hans Zimmer’s personal huge space “The Cathedral”Recorded and mixed both in Stereo and 5.1 Surround
Close and Room mic positions
Patches with Stereo mix only to save resources
Performance & Kickstarter kits & individual instruments patches for building your own template
Massive trailer/cinematic drums sound
Mixes by Alan Meyerson, Geoff Foster, and Hans Zimmer
… and more

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