TH Studio Production – Trailer Elements 3 (WAV, KONTAKT)

Immerse yourself in a new world of trailer sounds. TH Studio Production presents our new trailer elements 3 swatch library
SoundFX Toolkit Library.
New sound design sounds for trailers, video games and movies.
Inspired by new Hollywood movie trailers.
The library is 3 GB uncompressed and contains 712 sounds.
Version for Kontakt 5.6.6 (FULL Kontakt only please) and WAV version.

Additional Information
– Boom
– Bass
– Braams
– Braams pulse
– Clocks pulse
– Downers
– Guitars
– Dark Hits
– Hits
– Short Hits
– Kicks
– Low pulse
– Mid Pulse
– Pads
– Pianos
– Pings
– Rises
– Synth Pulse
– Legato Vocal instrument – The voice of Bulgarian singer Vladislava Hristozova
Requires NI Kontakt 5 (Full Version 5.6.6 & Higher)

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